D and D Standard Poodles 

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D and D Standard Poodle puppies in their new homes

This page shows testimonials, updates, and pictures shared from new owners of our past puppies.

Thank you to those of you who have kept us updated and sent pictures of the puppies. We love to stay updated and see the puppies grow, and know how they are. It's also a great way to share with your pup's siblings, and others who are thinking about adding a D and D Standard Poodle puppy to their family. 



Teddy's owners flew all the way to PA to pick Teddy up and take him home to California. 

Teddy's dad shared commented on Facebook sharing 

"I couldn’t agree more about Diane & Kim. They have the best Standard Poodles ever. After speaking with Diane and Kim by phone (from California where I live), I knew they stood above the other top standard poodle breeders I located on the AKC website. My Teddy is perfect in every way. A real champion. He is kind, gentle, fun, loving, caring, loves to play games, he’s super smart and a serious watch dog! All boxes checked. He’s healthy and robust. 70 pounds and fast as lightning. He takes care of his Daddies and we take care of him. Happy to share more or answer and questions. Just message me 🐩"

"D & D. Only the BEST ❤️ Teddy was groomed this afternoon. Looks like a million$$$. Tonight’s walk with his friends"

"Teddy loves car rides. Thx D and D Standard Poodles ❤️"


"You did such a good job with Teddy. He’s the most socially well adjusted dog I have ever seen. Thank you 🙏"


"Teddy sends love from California ❤️"


Teddy's owner commented to update his Facebook review 

"Here it is over a year later and Teddy is the most awesome little boy ever. He's outgoing, sweet, loves everyone and every dog. And, what a handsome fellow. I get stopped everyday... people ask me if he is a show dog... I say yes... he comes from a long line of show dogs! Teddy is really special. And, I am very, very lucky to have him 😁"


" Merry Christmas Mom "


" Monday Yappy Hour "


Teddy's first time to the beach


Teddy's owners flew all the way to PA to pick up Teddy, and take him home to California. 



Apache was a puppy born at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic shut down. Apache's future includes show dog and grooming competition dog. We look forward to watching his show career and in competition grooming. 


Apache's owner left us a recommendation on Facebook along with the photo below. Thank you very much!

"A few years ago, I noticed a gorgeous white standard poodle. She was stunning, and I asked the owner where she came from, and she directed me to D and D Standards. 2 weeks ago, I finally got the boy of my dreams! My pup is perfect in every way. D and D is an amazing breeder, they far exceeded my expectations and experience with other breeders. You can really tell how much effort they put into producing top of the line poodles. Everyone is absolutely amazed at his temperament, he has shocked everyone at how well behaved and socialized he is! I’ve been told by SEVERAL (and jealous!) people that he is worth every penny and then some. Finding a reputable breeder is rare nowadays, but they are excellent, I can’t say enough good things! My pup is a future show dog and grooming competition dog, and I am so proud to say he was produced by D and D!"

She also sent us the picture below along with "Look who came with us to work today!"


Shortly after getting Apache home his new owners shared 

"He’s doing great we love him! He’s really so sweet! He went potty outside, ate his food no problem, and he also didn’t get sick on the ride over. No whining or anything, slept through the night! He’s such a ham, he loves cuddling with us! He’s a little intimidated at first by the other dogs lol, but now he wants to play with them. He’s figuring everything out very quickly. Everyone loves him!"



Thank you to Max's owner who posted the following on our Facebook page

"I purchased the white poodle with red collar from Diane and Kim. He is wonderful. Has a loving personality, already know some commands and is much smarter than me. My friends have commented on what a great puppy he is. He even likes cats! Love him. Thank you Diane and Kim! I highly recommend getting a poodle from them. They breed and work with their poodles."


"Hi. Got a chance to take pics. Tried for the stump but he is too quick for me. Jumps off too fast. Hope you enjoy these.  "

"Ok.  Max is napping now.  He is too smart and too cute.  Love him.  😊❤️❤️🐩"

"Hello Diane and Kim!    

I just saw your e-mail.   I LOVE Max.   He is so smart and wonderful.  Forget the crate at night.  He sleeps with me in bed.  i am learning his potty habits and we are doing very good.   Only had 2 accidents and that was my fault for lack of watching him.  He is very, very good.   My cat Ben is slowly getting used to him.   Max is learning that Ben is not another puppy.   In fact last night Ben slept on the bed with Max and me for a while.     I will be sending you pictures. I have a stump of a pine tree that was cut down last year.  Max now jumps on the stump and then takes a flying jump off of it.  Want to get a picture of him on the stump.    He gets the “zoomies” in the morning and then in the evening as soon as it cools.  He just runs around so fast and is so happy.    Thank you for teaching him so much and for breeding such a wonderful poodle. 

I cut grass today and it did not faze him at all.   He is just wonderful.    Tomorrow he has a vet appointment with Dr. Matson from Highland Hospital for his checkup and puppy shots.    

Have a wonderful evening and again thank you again.   Talk to you soon."


"Thank you so much.  We are home. He slept most of the way. He is so good.  He has had his dinner. I think him and Ben will be friends. He is such a wonderful little bit.  Thank you fir the pictures.  I think he wants my cold pizza.  Or maybe my hand to Che’s on.  My life has changed.  Thank you.  🐩😊💕"

"Very happy!!!!!!"




"Thank you for everything."


"We made it"

"Portland tradition is to take a picture of the airport carpet when you land home "

"Thank you for trusting me with one of your amazing poodles."


Jett's new owners traveled all the way from OR to PA to bring Jett home. 



"Finn is doing great.  
He is adorable. 
He and Reyna (German Sheppard) have adjusted well. 
I will send you pictures. We have so many !
He also had his first vet visit. 
Thank you so much for checking in. "

Beautiful pictures!


"Taking his afternoon nap"


"Hi! Just wanted to let you know that things are going really well with the puppy, we decided to name him Finn. No accidents and he’s been eating and drinking fine, he’s been adjusting really well!"

  • D and D Standard Poodle puppy in bed in her new home
    D and D Standard Poodle puppy in bed in her new home


Below are updates from Lulu's family


"Lulu says hi!"


"Thank you so much for today.  Lulu is doing great. She was very quiet on the ride home but perked up once we got out of the car.
  She ate really well when we got in the door.
  Potty training is going great so far. We’ve had one accident but we were on our way out the door when it happened so we were headed in the right direction.
    I just put her in her crate. She cried for a minute but then passed out - it’s been a busy stressful day for her.  She’s a total love bug and quite calm for a puppy.  We can’t wait for her personality to shine more as she settles in."




Happy first birthday Tootsie! 

  • "I have to say she is rather stunning"
    "I have to say she is rather stunning"
"I have to say she is rather stunning"
"I have to say she is rather stunning"

Congratulations to Tootsie and her owners on the first of many ribbons! 

Tootsie's owner shared an updated photo of Tootsie and that she is now 44 lbs. 


Tootsie's owner shared that this was her first visit to Keystone Dock dogs practice, that their intention is to get her into it, and with proper work they feel she'll be good at it. Good luck Tootsie!


Tootsie's owners shared "we wanted to show you what our Tootsie looks like at 5 months old. We did install a fence and she is so happy. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives." and also updated that she is now 31.5 lbs. 


"First boat ride this puppy fears nothing fireworks lightning sirens don’t matter"


"She loves going in the stream down Behind our place I’m already looking into plans to make a stock tank pool for her"


Tootsie's owner shared that she's the "Most easily socialized trainable relaxed(when she hasn’t been wound up) puppy I have ever experienced. Completely different than the small versions of the breed. Kudos to you guys .It was meant to be that we found the best dog ever"


Tootsie's owners shared on our Facebook page "Kudos to Diane and Kim. Our new baby is gorgeous. The temperament and behavior of this puppy is nothing short of remarkable."

Thank you to Tootsie's owners for bringing her out to visit us at the local All About Dog's Day. 


Angel von Prancer & Brady di Zelos

We love seeing Angel and her owners. Its great get to see our local puppies on a regular basis. We see Angel a lot of grooming. A couple years lady Angel and mom brought home her new little brother Brady di Zelos. 

Spring 2019 Brady di Zelos joined Angel von Pracer and family!


"We have 2 of your amazing dogs. Our puppy is unbelievably amazing"


"Wait until you see how wonderful Brady di Zelos is coming along, our little guy is unbelievable and we are so in love with him."

"Great day with Brady di Zelos, he's fitting in so well. Not one accident in the house so far. The baby eats Angel's food, and Angel is inhaling puppy food. Kim Callahan thank you, Jim and I are thrilled with our boy"

"Puppy has a name Brady Di Zelos. Welcome home young man."

"I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. We are not sure of his name. Yes he's a Standard Poodle from D and D Kennels, Kim Callahan you did a beautiful job on his puppy clip"

Lola & Beaux

Beaux and Lola's owner shared the following photo to our photo of sister Gywn

"Beautiful like her sister Lola and 1/2 brother Beaux!"


Beaux and Lola's owner shared "I just love my Beaux and Lola!" on one of Facebook posts


Lola and Beaux's family also live in PA. Its great to have local puppies so we get to see them in the area, as well as visits for grooming and boarding. 

Lola joined their family first. Then they later added Beaux to the family. 



Phoenix not only joined his new owner, but has other dogs for family too. His owner trains and grooms him. 

" Merry Christmas Diane & Kim from Santa's newest elf! "


We ran into Phoenix and his owner at a couple shows - check out our Facebook video where she showed Phoenix in Harrisburg in rally novice, where Phoenix got his Rally Novice (RN) AKC title. 

"Hi Ladies!
Attached are some photos of Phoenix at his Advanced Puppy/Beginner graduation.  Everything was done off leash and he was awesome.  Almost every puppy in the class was born last July.  Isn't that something!  The Golden he is sitting right beside was born a day before him and his owner's birthday is the same day as Phoenix's.  Small world!

We have been working on all kinds of things, but the primary focus is obedience and rally.  I'm entering him in his first rally trial which will be the end of June.  We are a bit behind where I had hoped we would be because I have had some major issues with my one foot that prevented me from doing a lot of practice.  Sooo frustrating!  Anyhoo, we're back at it. 

And I just want to say that he is such a joy!  So happy and out-going and SMART.  You guys did a real good job of socializing and - getting him used to grooming, too.  He's in a puppy cut in these pics, but I actually took most of that off and he's in a sporting clip now.

Enjoy the pics.  I'll be in touch and soon."
"So right after I sent the last email I grabbed my phone, told everyone to sit and stay and took a few shots.  The obedience work is starting to stick with the little man!
(They all had Halloween bandanas earlier, but they had to go for Tana and Phoenix due to playing.)   They're a hoot together!
On a separate note, I took him to the club and he "helped" with my last two PK classes and had a great time.  So cute!  And he will be going as my new demo dog on Monday when the next session starts, so he's been learning those exercises.  Of course, Tally will still be there, too.   He will also start a separate foundation type class at another training facility in a couple of weeks. "

" And he's totally into the house routine, feeding time, bedtime, etc.

One great puppy Diane!  I'm so glad I met you at that show and got this little guy." 



Archie's family left us a wonderful recommendation on our Facebook page

" We brought our Archie home eleven days ago. He is wonderful! From the first day, he slept seven hours straight at night and was well on his way to being fully housebroken. He arrived knowing out to 'sit' and to 'come'. He's self-assured and eager to please. It is obvious Diane and Kim devote a good deal of time and energy in getting their puppies off to a great start. Diane has been wonderful to work with. She was quick to respond to questions in the weeks leading up to our bringing Archie home. When we picked up Archie from her, Diane spent nearly two hours with us, answering our questions, telling us about Archie, and giving helpful suggestions on raising him into adulthood. We are thoroughly pleased with our experience with D and D Standard Poodles. "


The night after Archie went to his new home with his new family we got our first update

" It was great to meet you yesterday, and thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience!
Archie did great on the ride home.  Last night he slept in his crate from 10:30 until 5:20 or so, without a single bark or mess.  I was home with him this morning, and I am amazed how quickly he seems to be adapting.
 I think we're off to a really good start.  We will keep you posted, and call if we run into any problems."


Watson and Porter

Watson is a D and D Standard Poodle puppy who went to join his new human family who already had a Standard Poodle. In early 2020 the Watson and his human family welcomed D and D Standard Poodle puppy #2 to the family, Porter. 

"Our D and D boys- Watson and Porter, the best!🐩🐩"

  •  Our D and D boys- Watson and Porter, the best!🐩🐩
    Our D and D boys- Watson and Porter, the best!🐩🐩
 Our D and D boys- Watson and Porter, the best!🐩🐩
Our D and D boys- Watson and Porter, the best!🐩🐩

"Porter has acclimated so well, sleeps in our bed, absolutely adorable! He loves Watson too-"

  • "Porter has acclimated so well, sleeps in our bed, absolutely adorable! He loves Watson too-"
    "Porter has acclimated so well, sleeps in our bed, absolutely adorable! He loves Watson too-"
"Porter has acclimated so well, sleeps in our bed, absolutely adorable! He loves Watson too-"
"Porter has acclimated so well, sleeps in our bed, absolutely adorable! He loves Watson too-"

Picture sent to us by Watson's family early January 2020. Watson and family are excited to welcome their second D and D Standard Poodle in 2020. 

Watson got to join a human and poodle family. Watson is the puppy in these pictures 


Bobby Jean

This lucky girl joined her wonderful family near the beach



Ellie moved to NJ like her litter mate Charlotte - their owners are friends too so they get to see each other. They do such a beautiful job with Ellie.


"Ellie earned her novice rally obedience title this weekend with a perfect score of 💯 Thank you to D & D for this special girl."

"She’s so smart and focused - what a joy to have! Thank you for allowing us to be her family!!"

Ellie with her sister Charlotte (their owners are friends so the sisters get to see each other :)  and in the second photo Ellie along with her family's other Standard Poodle


"Just wanted to send a photo taken today. She’s doing really well and has adjusted so easily. And look how beautiful she is! Thank you for her!"

"Ellie has fit into our family so seamlessly and my 7 yr old spoo and Ellie are becoming great friends."

(Ellie is the puppy on the right)

"Ellie out at the shopping center today."


Charlotte moved to NJ. One of her owners is a groomer too!

"Charlotte spent her 4 th of July weekend at the lake"

  • Charlotte spent her 4 th of July weekend at the lake
    Charlotte spent her 4 th of July weekend at the lake
Charlotte spent her 4 th of July weekend at the lake
Charlotte spent her 4 th of July weekend at the lake

"Charlotte has new princess ears !"

Charlotte (right) and his sister Ellie's (left) owners know each other so these sisters still get to see each other after leaving us. 


"she’s doing so well! She hasn’t had one accident since she’s been here , she goes to the door when she needs to go , she sleeps through the night- and like you said she wakes around 6/6:30 am to go out and then goes back to sleep . She’s been a joy to have around!"


It's so nice to get to see not only our past puppies, but their owners too. Mickey, service dog in training, and his owner got to visit us at the National Dog show.

Mickey is going onto to train to be a services dog for his owner



Benny even gets to go to work with his owner

This is guy is a littermate to our girl UKC CH D and D's Giselle Up and Over the Top CGCA BN RN RA RE CD. Thanks for sending us pictures of him its great to see how he's grown!


Beau has a wonderful family. From PA to NJ to the Boston subway Beau gets out and about and of course well loved. 

Although Beau was placed in a pet home, he is achieving multiple AKC show titles, therapy dog title and we're sure many more to come. Beau's owners are doing a wonderful job with him. 

Beau's owner's shared with us that Beau met the eligibility requirements to enter the 7th AKC Rally National Championship June 2020. Congratulations! 

"Someone was a very very good boy!"

"thank you he is such a good dog"

"We’d love to have another one in 1-2 years, after Beau has more titles"

Good luck with Beau's future titles we look forward to more updates!

"I’m a bit late with my update but Beau participated in the meet the breeds at javits center"

"He loved it"

"Beau visiting northeastern university students during finals week"

"The university published this on both their Twitter and Instagram accounts!"

"He is the best therapy dog"


Beau's owner got in touch with us about collecting points for Beau for Versatality in Poodles certificate. She was looking into going to handling classes and showing towards his UKC Championship. 

"He has 5.5 points from CGCU , TKI , and rally. I can possibly get one more point for his therapy visits but still need 3.5 for the versatility certificate"

Congratulations to Beau and his owners on Beau's new title!

"Third leg, second place. He was awesome, unfortunately he got distracted by a collie who was silent barking outside the ring. Beau found the silent barking very ODD!!
The judge told me he was otherwise perfect
Score of 94"

"They told us we qualify for nationals, his scores were 96,96, and 94 under 3 different judges"
"I agree, he is out first dog, just shows how amazing he is!!"


Great job, and good luck to Beau and owners!

"Rally intermediate, he was GREAT, most dogs were sniffy in this ring, he was amazing, we got first place with a 96. We need one more Q to title!"


"Of course - he is the best dog! We couldn’t have asked for a better dog, he gets so many compliments"


Congratulations to Beau and his owners on the new title!

"Rally novice title — second place"


Congratulations Beau and owners!

"Hi Beau passed his CGCA and CGCU this week"


"We took Beau to a coursing event, unfortunately he didn’t stay committed to the lure, but they took some nice pictures that I wanted to share!"

What great photos, and we bet it was ton of fun :) practice makes perfect

Congratulations to Beau and his owners!

"Beau got first place in akc rally Novice A today
Scored 99"

"He was perfect"

Congratulations to Beau and his owners!

"Beau just passed his TDI therapy test"

"Thank you, he has a great temperament! So confident. They had people in wheelchairs, someone drops a crotch as they walk by, some one just screaming, someone dropped a clipboard behind the dog
It was chaotic haha"

" We’re feeling so proud "

"Just wanted to send you recent photos of Beau
I’ve been working with a groomer from poodle club of Mass to learn grooming him. He is rocking the trendy MCC"


Beau's owner shared that they had a nearby show groomer give Beau the HCC cut. 

" Hi we have good news!

Novice and intermediate trick titles, it was a breeze "
"Hi, we have good news"
" Thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog!"
" We’re doing CDSP obedience together, he just got his leg in novice I am going to enter him in two more trials in the new year to get our title! "
" He is doing well in rally class too but I have not trialed with him in rally yet. "
" They have great potential because of your breeding, I can’t believe how lucky we were to get him! He is a happy dog and loves obedience/ rally/nosework "

"everyone loves him!"

"he is riding the Boston subway here 🙂"
"we wanted to send you new pictures and updates on Beau. He is doing great. He will be finishing his second round of obedience classes next week, and after that he will be evaluated by trainers to start his therapy classes. He has been a wonderful dog, we get daily compliments on his attitude and it does help to be cute too ❤

He will start CGC classes in the summer too, hopefully he will pass the test 🙂"

Beau's owner's left us a 5 star review on Facebook  "Diane is an excellent breeder, and these puppies come from health tested parents (OFA) and champion dam and sire. The puppies have so much potential to be more than just a pet! My puppy Beau is perfect, eager to please, loves people and other dogs, very smart, and just a joy to work with. His temperament is wonderful. He passed his CGC test at 9 months old."



Bentley moved to NY with his new family. 

Below you will see photos and updates of Bentley 

Bentley's owner also left us a 5 star review on Facebook  " I am so so glad that we met Diane of D and D Standard Poodles! We are madly in love with our new puppy Bentley formerly Green Puppy. He is so smart and gentle and just a doll. He came to us already knowing sit, come and has been learning more every day. At his 1st vet visit yesterday, we were told what we already knew, that he is beautiful, smart and has a wonderful disposition. I can not thank you enough Diane "


"we continue to be madly in love with Bentley and the compliments are never ending. No matter where we go with him people love his personality and his calm temperament"
"Just another quick update on our amazing, smart, adorable Bentley!! Diane I can not even begin to tell you how awesome Bentley is. People stop us on the streets all the time to ask where we got him, and how beautiful & SMART he is. A few people are interested in knowing when you will have another poodle litter. And I hate to brag but he was just screened by both a veterinary and trainer and has been approved to become the youngest dog to be approved as a therapy dog and has been to to locations so far. We owe all this awesomeness to you!!!! We can not thank you enough."

"we wanted to give you an update on Bentley, as you can see he has grown so much and is so adorable! People stop us on the street and even stop their cars to tell us how cute he is. We were approached about having him be a therapy dog and he is being screened this week. He is a triple threat, cute, smart, and the most amazing temperament!!!! We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful addition to our family."

"Bentley has already made himself at home in his new doggy bed"


Arabella is litter mate of  UKC CH D and D's Giselle Up and Over the Top CGCA BN RN RAE CD. Arabella has a wonderful home with a groomer. Arabella even gets to go to work with her owner. 

Arabella lives in PA. We love getting to visit with Arabella. 


Arabella's owner was not well, so Arabella came to stay with us. Here are some pictures from when she was visit with us. At the end there is Arabella with mom Sky and half sister Gywn.