D and D Standard Poodles 

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D and D Standard Poodles Waiting List & Puppy Application

We ask that everyone please read the following information before filling out our waiting list and puppy application. Thank you. 


I think I want a D and D Standard Poodle puppy, now what?

If you have not already done so please look and read through our website and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/danddstandardpoodles/

By doing so you will learn more about us and our Standard Poodles, including pictures and videos of our Standard Poodles, show information, as well as OFA health testing information on each of our poodles. You can also see various testionials, updates, and photos from the new owners of our past puppies. Please note that each of our Standard Poodles has his/her own page on our website, and additional pictures and videos can be seen throughout our website and Facebook page. Please make sure you read over the puppies page of our website as that does go over what we do with our puppies before they go to their new homes. 


We believe a new owner being prepared for their new puppy is very important. We ask that everyone be prepared for their new puppy before he/she comes home as we want our puppies to get the best new family/home, and their new owner(s) being properly prepared for them can really make a big difference. There are things that you should do before committing to a puppy, and things that you should do before your new puppy comes home. Before you commit to one of our Standard Poodle puppies we ask that you do research on Standard Poodles so you are sure that a Standard Poodle is the right breed for you and so you are aware of what to expect with this breed. You should also read through our website and Facebook page, and contact us with any questions you have so you are familiar with us and our Standard Poodles including what to expect with our puppies before committing to one. There are also things that you should do to prepare you, your family, and your home for your new puppy. Before you get your new puppy please read the preparing for your new puppy page of our website. Another thing you should look into are things like a veterinarian who is experienced with Standard Poodles (from routine care, preventive care, emergency care, as well as with issues that occur within the breed) as a veterinarian is someone your dog will need throughout his/her life, and pet insurance is another to take into consideration as no animal is perfect, neither is any human and accidents do happen. Please also keep in mind that Standard Poodles do require regular grooming, you should have a groomer in mind and may want to talk to your groomer about how much notice you need to schedule an appointment with them. Remember it is important to keep your puppy used to being groomed on a regular basis. We highly recommend that you enroll your puppy in an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy training class, puppy kindergarten or similar type program to continue your puppy's training and to help ensure that your puppy is a well mannered well balanced family member (we do recommend research this ahead of time, as classes could have a limit on how many puppies that they will accept in a class and the class could be full by the time puppy is ready to join the class if you do not enroll in advance). Through these training classes, not only do your puppy's manners improve, but so does his/her socialization with other dogs and other people. For those of your who are local or do not mind traveling back to us don't forget we are happy to provide grooming, boarding, and training services to you and your D and D Standard Poodle puppy, as well as other pets too. 

Preparing for your new puppy page 


If you have checked out our website or contacted us and find that we currently have or are expecting a litter of puppies at a time that would fit nicely for and your family, you are ready for the next step. 


Upon acceptance of your application, a nonrefundable $500 deposit is required to be placed on our waiting list for a puppy from our expected litter, young litter, or to reserve a specific puppy if we have puppies available now. Please contact us for pricing of our puppies. Please note that there is Pennsylvania sales tax on the price of the puppy. The balance will be due at the time you pick up your puppy. Please contact us for payment information. Why is a nonrefundable $500 deposit required you may wonder? Us accepting your deposit is our promise that we are selling you the puppy, and you sending us the deposit is your promise to purchase a puppy from our expected litter, young litter, or a specific puppy if we have puppies available now. This also helps to determine serious buyers. If we have specific puppies available to reserve now, and you are not interested in being on the waiting list - you would like to come out and select your puppy in person soon, we do still ask that you fill out the application at the bottom of this page before you come out to meet the puppies. 


If we do not currently have puppies available or a litter expected: In this situation we will accept waiting list applications, and we will give you an estimate of when we may possibly have puppies. Approved waiting list application and submission of $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to be added to the waiting list. 


If we are currently expecting puppies: We accept deposits to be on the waiting list for a male or female puppies. We do not accept deposits to reserve a particular color (please keep in mind most people are more concerned about the quality of the puppy, not the color he/she is wrapped in). Plese remember when we receive your deposit this secures your placement on our waiting list. We can update you on your placement on our waiting list after we receive your deposit. (Please note this information also applies to if we have a young litter and we have not yet decided on exactly which puppies we are holding back and which will be available.)


If we have puppies available now: When we currently have puppies available now, we accept deposits to reserve specific puppies. Us accepting your deposit is our promise that we are selling you that specific puppy, and you sending the deposit is your promise to purchase that specific puppy we have. 


What if I would like to wait until I can meet the puppies in person before committing to one? For those who do not want to commit to a puppy without meeting him/her first, that is not a problem, we understand. You are welcome to still fill out the waiting list application. If you would like we would be happy to keep you updated on expected puppies / young puppies - upon your request for updates. Please keep in mind without a deposit there is not a puppy reserved for you, we have first pick of every litter, then those on our waiting list will select puppies, puppies will be sold on a first come first service basis, a deposit is required to reserve a puppy. 

*2020 update - For the health of our family due to Covid-19 pandemic we are not currently offering visits to select puppies. 


Please note, for the health of our puppies we do not allow our puppies to have any visitors prior to receiving their first vaccination. Puppies that are not vaccinated, or fully vaccinated, are more susceptible to picking up illness. We also ask that you do not visit places that have other puppies/dogs before visiting our puppies to limit the chances of you visiting somewhere where there may have been a sick dog and carry the illness over to our young puppies (for example: other breeder, pet shop, dog park, veterinarian, etc.)


Please note, not only must puppies be vaccinated before they start having visitors, but we also prefer that puppies not have visitors before the litter has been evaluated (8 to 9 weeks of age). This is because when viewing all puppies, one may get set on a particular puppy, when he/she may not end up being available to them. It is best for puppy visits to wait until after our selection has been made, and then those on the waiting list have made their selection. Those on the waiting list will get updated pictures and videos as the puppies mature. 


What happens if I reserve a puppy, but there ends up nothing a puppy for me in this litter? If for some reason there ends up not being a puppy for you in the expected litter then you have may have the option to wait for a future puppy. Your deposit will automatically be moved onto to the next litter, so please be patient. 

Please keep in mind we cannot determine how many puppies, how many males and females, or colors will be in a litter until the puppies are actually born. We will hold a deposit for a puppy up until one year from the date deposit was placed. 


Please keep in mind when you join our waiting list you are joining our waiting list for a D and D Standard Poodle puppy of the gender you reserve - not a puppy from a specific breeding. Please keep in mind we cannot determine how many puppies, how many males and females, or colors will be in a litter until the puppies are actually born.


Please note that we do not sell breeders. All puppies being sold as pets are sold with spay/neuter contract and limited AKC registration. If you are interested in a show dog please inquire for more information and show dog application. Show dogs will come with show contract. Standard Poodles excel in many show venues. For those of your looking for a show dog please let us know what venue(s) you have in mind to show your new Standard Poodle in, and your experience showing. Please take note that even those of you looking for a family pet, even spayed/neutered dogs can take part in AKC show venues except for the breed conformation ring - for example they can participate in rally, obedience, agility, dock diving, nose work, etc shows. Standard Poodles can also be excellent therapy or service dogs as well. 


How are puppies selected/assigned? Here at D and D Standard Poodles we do not assign you a particular puppy, however we are more than happy to help you in selecting the puppy that should best fit for your family,  future show dog, or service or therapy dog. As always we have first pick of every litter. Puppies that are breed conformation show prospects will be held back for us or another show home. After that puppies wanted for other show venues may be selected, as well as service and therapy dogs, and then the family pets. New owners may select their puppies in order their deposit was received. Please keep in mind, the first puppies available from a litter are typically pets available to pet homes. It may take longer to decide on show prospect puppies. We may hold back multiple puppies as show prospects, and may have puppies evaluated more than once, and we may take our time in selecting our next show dog. At times there are puppies held back for show homes, and either are no longer considered to be a show prospect or a show home has not come up and the puppy comes available to a pet home later on.

Please keep in mind we do have the right to refuse a sale at any point. As mentioned previously, although we do not assign a puppy to a person/family, we are happy to help you with selecting a puppy however please keep in mind if we do not feel a puppy will be a good fit for you, your family, in addition to current pets if any, your lifestyle, or activities the puppy is wanted to participate in (examples: conformation/ performance events, therapy work, service dog work, etc.) we do have the right to refuse to sell that puppy to that owner. Then we can suggest a puppy that we feel should more appropriately fit your wants/needs. We do want our owners happy with the puppy they get, as well as we care about our puppies, where they are going, and that they are happy and well cared for in their new home.


Puppies typically begin being selected and start leaving for their new homes between 8-14 weeks old depending on the puppies and the venue they may be wanted for. 8 weeks old is the youngest puppies can leave for their new homes. 


We ask that all people/families interested in adding one of our puppies to their family fill out the application below. This helps to determine serious buyers, as well as to give us some basic information about you/your family, your contact information, as well as what you are looking for. As you should have read above, we ask that you do lots of research before committing to your new Standard Poodle – this is to help ensure that our puppies are going to good homes with well prepared, educated, caring owners. We hope that our puppies are all going to their forever homes. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to care for you D and D Standard Poodle (puppy or grown adult) or for some reason no longer want him/her we do ask that you do return your D and D Standard Poodle to us the breeders. We do not want our puppies/dogs to end up in any sort of bad situation, shelter, pound, rescue etc. facility. It will be up to you to get the poodle back to us, but we would be happy to have them return to their original home. Then we can work on placing them into their forever home. Please note if you should return your D and D Standard Poodle, we do not buy back puppies/dogs or offer any sort of reimbursement for the dog’s purchase price, care (boarding, dog day care, dog walking, grooming, pet sitting, training, veterinarian, etc. care), supplies (food, water, toys, grooming items, etc.), or travel expenses, etc. Adding a puppy/dog to your family is a serious long-term commitment.


Do you have questions? Please contact us Kim and Diane Callahan of D and D Standard Poodles at [email protected] or give us a call at 610-587-7010. We would be happy to answer your questions.


If you have read over everything, you are sure you would like a D and D Standard Poodle puppy, all of your questions have been answered and you are ready for the next step please fill our the application below. Thank you for your interest in our Standard Poodles. We will get back to you soon. 


2020 update - Please note due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are advised to follow different procedures for when puppies leave for their new homes. Please read this article Your guide to getting a dog during Covid-19

Puppy selection and pick up has changed with Covid. Please contact us with any questions on how Covid-19 effects selection of puppies and pick up of puppies. 

D and D Standard Poodles Waiting List and Puppy Application 

Please fill out the entire application below. This is all general information we would like to know about anyone interested in our puppies. By taking a minute to fill out this form, this helps us to learn general information about you as well as what you are looking for. This also helps to determine serious inquires. 

Upon acceptance of your application you will be contacted to let you know your application has been accepted. If you would like to move forward with ebing placed on the waiting list for a puppy, or reserving a specific puppy -  By filling out this form along with my $500.00 nonrefundable deposit, I have agreed to purchase a puppy from D and D Standard Poodles. This form acts as a binding purchase agreement between D and D Standard Poodles and the applicant on the form. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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